Thank you for your interest in the Dover Neighbors Fund.

Through our involvement in many other communities, we became aware that oftentimes there is a specific community organization devoted to providing financial support, on a temporary basis, to neighbors in need.

In Dover the churches do a very fine job addressing the temporary financial needs of congregants, but to supplement their important work we have decided to start a Dover charitable foundation like those we see elsewhere. Similar organizations in other towns are the Sherborn Benevolent Society, Westwood Community Chest, Wellesley Friendly Aid, Natick Service Council, and Millis Fund, to name just a few.

To get this initiative started we sought legal counsel from Dover attorneys Jonathan Fryer and Vincent O’Brien who have established a 501 (c) (3) for us by the name of The Dover Neighbors’ Fund, Inc. (DNF) of which the four founding trustees will be Attorneys Fryer and O’Brien, long-time Dover resident and local realtor Mary Crane, and former Executive Vice President of Needham Bank, Eric Morse. It is our clear intention to get this up and running and to then obtain assistance from town volunteers to continue management of the fund.

All donations will be sincerely appreciated and should be made payable to the Dover Neighbors Fund and sent to The Dover Neighbors Fund, c/o Eric Morse, 25 Main Street, Dover, MA 02030.

Even in lovely Dover we are not immune to unplanned illness, job loss, divorce, and other unanticipated disruptive matters which can understandably have a dramatic impact on one’s quality of life. We are well aware of elderly neighbors who need a helping hand. We all know someone who at some point needs the kindness of others and that’s precisely why the DNF has been established.

We have a steep mountain to climb to get this initiative funded at an appropriate level and would be honored by your participation in any dollar amount.  We know that there are many fine organizations worthy of your donation, but our hope is that helping neighbors in need in our town might resonate with you and your family.