Dover Neighbors Fund Receives Local Support

The Dover Neighbors Fund, Inc. ( is proud to announce that it has recently received first-time grants from a number of local organizations. Committed to assisting Dover residents who are in need of a helping hand financially, the Fund (DNF) has heretofore relied on the generosity of Dover families. “We’re particularly pleased that local businesses and one of the most respected volunteer organizations in town have chosen to support us” commented DNF Vice President and local realtor Mary Crane.

   In looking back at her time as a young mother in Dover, Crane remembers the many challenges facing moms. For that reason and because of the work they do connecting families within our community, she and the other DNF Officers are particularly proud of the donation the Fund recently received from the Dover Mothers’ Association.

   In addition to Needham Bank, where DNF President Eric Morse was an Executive Vice President, more recent donations have been received from Middlesex Bank and from the Dedham Savings Community Foundation. According to Dedham Savings’ Executive Vice President and CFO/COO, Mark Ingalls, “Dedham Savings is proud to support local grassroot organizations like the Dover Neighbors Fund that are led by folks who, by their care for fellow citizens who find themselves in need, make their community an even greater place to live.”

   Morse added “Neighbors helping neighbors is a powerful concept, most particularly in these difficult times. We are most grateful to the three local community banks and to others which support us. We know that even in our bucolic town, neighbors sometimes need a helping hand and it is a real privilege for us to serve the community in this capacity.”

   Local attorneys and DNF Vice-Presidents Jonathan Fryer and Vin O’Brien expressed their appreciation to the local banks and to the Dover Mothers’ Association, while observing that when the Fund was started, donations typically came in during the last two calendar months of the year, but that now the Fund receives donations almost every month. Attorney Fryer offered that “We rely on the generosity of the Dover community and to see that local businesses and community organizations now also recognize the need that we saw when we started the Fund is encouraging. Our development goals include expanding the number of families in town which presently support us and to reach out to the other businesses in town for their support as well.” Attorney O’Brien concluded with the observation that “The need for the Dover Neighbors Fund was very real when we started the Fund, but the need in town clearly grows daily.”

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