Dover Neighbors Fund Announces First Grant

The Dover Neighbors Fund, founded two years ago to provide temporary financial assistance to Dover residents, has made its first grant.

“We want to be very careful to maintain the confidentiality of our work, but I can tell you that the circumstances surrounding the opportunity for us to make our first grant are precisely why the Fund was started” offered Fund President  Eric Morse. “We were contacted by a long time Dover resident who had lost their spouse recently to cancer. The surviving spouse is a cancer survivor whose cancer has returned. The family has been through a rough stretch with their children helping to the best of their ability, but the medical expenses are significant on top of normal living expenses draining most of their financial resources. With improved health, the surviving spouse hopes to return to work. It has been a privilege to represent the Fund and our donors in providing a helping hand to a neighbor. It’s actually quite overwhelming.”

The grantee, who asked to remain anonymous, wrote the following. “Eric was very understanding and quite helpful with our problem and totally understanding that a situation such as ours can occur in Dover. The Dover Neighbors Fund was a blessing and the gift helped relieve some of the stress that we were going through. Thank you to all.”

Fund Vice President  and local realtor Mary Crane stated “Even in lovely Dover we are not immune to unplanned illness, job loss, divorce, and other unanticipated disruptive matters which can understandably have a dramatic impact on one’s quality of life. Dover’s Council on Aging and our churches do a very fine job of aiding those in need. The Dover Neighbors Fund hopes to continue and build upon that tradition.”

The Dover Neighbors Fund had planned to host its first ever Donor Appreciation Reception on March 26, 2020 from 5:00PM-7:00PM at AstraLuna Distillery, 120 North Meadows Street in Medfield. The distillery is owned by Fund Vice Presidents and local attorneys Jonathan Fryer and Vin O’Brien. However due to the current health situation, the event has been cancelled. For more information about how to support the Fund and its work in the community, please visit

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